The Team

The guys you ride with in the mountains can make or break It. We've curated a killer groups of dudes over the years. Guys that know how to have fun but also know how to walk that line between fun and Danger

Jason McMurray

Almost called it quits after sled struggles day after day last year. Still ordered another Polaris though. 

All jokes aside Jason is a ripper and a good time on the mountain! Off the mountain he’s usually in bed by 9pm though

Age- 32

Lives- Sudbury

Job- Master Electrician

First Year MTN riding- 2019

Jasons Instagram

Muskoka Matt

I like snowmobiles


Jerry (Eric)

Fuck you

Age- Fuck off

Lives- Muskoka

Job- Head shit

First Year MTN riding- Too long ago to remember


Matt Dubois

Chic Choc rider turned western.

Always in for the adventure and helping out the crew.


Lives- Quebec

Job- Independent Contractor


Dallas Casorso

Master explorer going where no sane person would think to even try.

Age- 29

Lives- Kelowna

Job- Blows shit up

First year- MTN riding-


Deryk Post

Keeps fuckin himself up on a dirt bike so he snowmobiles more these days. (now he just fucks his sled up) Deryk is going to step up to the plate this year and help Matt with filming and content creation.

Age- 25

Lives- Caledon

Job- Excavation Contractor

First year MTN riding- 2017


Codey St Martin

Avg sledder, professional beer drinking fun haver.

Age- 32

Lives- Sudbury

Job- Roooooofer

First year MTN riding- 2020


Jordan Janke

Jordan is always eating and always stocked to the 9's with food and water. Muskoka takes full advantage of that and packs light when they ride.

Age- 30

Lives- Edmonton

Job- Project Manager

First year MTN riding-


Dawson Shuflita

The man with the hair... And master of all things polaris. Rips the trees like nobody's business and rips clutches out to us like candy. He's had to rescue us too many times!

Dawsons usually hiding in the tress with Greyson, Dylan and Johnny but if the sun shines for too many days he might actually venture to the alpine to climb a few chutes.

Age- 26

Lives- Sylvan lake

Job- Roofer

First year MTN riding-


Braydn Adams

The Big Dog. wooof

Age- 25

Lives- Alberta

Job- Excavation

First year MTN riding-



This man is one of a kind! Always up for whatever crazy shit we've got going on, and then some. Fairly certain he has a few screws loose but we love it. The nicest frenchman you'll ever know.

Age- 40

Lives- Revelstoke

Retired Vet

First year MTN riding- 2019

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Average Austin

The kid had potential, decided to grow up though. Might see him for a retirement tour this year.

Age- 27

Lives- Innisfil

Job- Electrician

First year MTN riding- 2020


Landon Pavan

Landon was one of Muskoka's original riding partners when he first started in the mountains and helped him push his riding a lot the first year. As Landon stayed in the neighbouring town and rode with his family a lot we didnt get the opportunity to ride as much. Although he was riding with his family most days he was still able to push his riding to the next level, even tossing his first backflip, with his mom watching and filming.


Devon Tanner

Devon is a straight up ripper, not much else to say

Devon now has a little one at home but hopefully we see him out more than last year!


Little Buddy

We met Jayden when he was trying to live the sled bum life in Revy and ended up having him as a roomate the first year making video. He was a great wife cooking us dinner every night but could be a little whiny on the hill when things were tough. He's trooper though, we always enjoy ripping with him.